Our Services Include:

  • Design Only

  • Build with your Designer/Architect

  • Design/Build Weathertight Only

  • Design/Build with General Contracting Services

Why Design/Build?

The Beauty of Design/Build is:

  1. From the initial meeting, both the design and budget are always considered. It's been our experience that many professional designers are unaware of what it truly costs to build, so many projects are designed but never built.

  2. The same company that designed the project is actually building the project. Therefore, if changes are needed during the building phase, we can streamline the design process and integrate the cost into one, saving valuable time and money.

  3. We work closely with the homeowners to develop each project so it will be uniquely suited to fit both needs and expectations. Homeowners usually know what they want, and how their family functions in the home. We are able to incorporate the homeowners' ideas on paper while paying close attention to detail, so that the addition flows seamlessly with the existing residence.

  4. Our design fees are significantly less than those of a registered architect. Our fees run approximately 2% of the construction cost vs. 5-15% for an architect.

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